Lying is not an indiscriminate action.  It is a willful, purposeful statement that is at odds with 1) the fundamental knowledge that builds the foundation of civilized society, 2) the structure of the culture found within the civilized society, 3) the logical, rational will of the people who live in civilized society and 4) the personal life actually encompassed by the liar.

Yet of all the lies told by a person, it is that first time which is the most significant.  That is because the first time is the only time he or she is at a crossroads.  The person can stop their action of lying, admit to the lie to the person to whom it has been told, and slowly return to his or her former life based upon Truth.  What the person who has lied for the first time must now do is to realize the gravity of telling even that one lie, actively focus his or her attention upon living honestly and truthfully, and be continually up front and honest is each and every future interaction with other men and women.  Those interactions may be face-to-face, online, or privately, perhaps without even his or her knowledge.

The reality is, however, there are very few people in the world today and throughout human history who have never once told a lie.  That is because the human being will always seek the easy way out.  He or she will always be interested in getting out from under the ramifications of bad decisions, excising him or herself from a challenging, difficult situation, or just getting away from a difficult situation.

In fact, once a person lies, lying again becomes easier.  This leads to a willingness to become dishonest, corrupt, and centered upon doing whatever, taking whatever action is needed to advance themselves at the expense of others.  Those actions include intentional enslavement and intentional harm of others.  As time moves forward, the person now seeks for him or herself everything at the expense and degradation of his or her fellow man, woman, and the society they all are part of in any way.  We can attempt to claim otherwise, but it will be a struggle for even the mature adult to be willing to actually separate him or herself from the situation an ‘fess up to the Truth.

Sadly, as each person continually repeats the action or supports telling greater, more significant lies, what we find happening is the sudden confusion each person experiences.  We move further away from the point of remaining honest and truthful.  Instead, we now find that we are presented so many lies, mis-truths, opinions, ideas, and approaches to the Real World, the person becomes far too comfortable within his or her life and settles into a life of lying.

There is only one way in which these acts can be stopped.  It is through the people who make up the society to call this person out, hold them accountable and correct through discipline the unacceptable actions.  This response needs to be applied to each and every person, irrespective of their standing within the society and culture.  Such a response is corrective, not just to that person, but to the society as a whole.  It is because such a response maintains the infrastructure and stability of the society both for the present and as a frame of reference for the future to refer to as education for future generations.

Regrettably and frustratingly this was ignored by too many veterans of WWII as well as their off-spring, the so-called Baby Boomers.  Thus we are now stuck with presumed “leaders” in the form of Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Sessions and the entire Democrat and RINO species who are more than willing to lie, cheat, enslave and intentionally harm their fellow Man all for their own personal advancement.

Indeed, it is the time once more for We The People to rise up and call out those who have pursued the treasonous acts over the past 20+ years.


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  1. One reason politicians lie is the truth can often offend voters.

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