The Press Has Become “Dirty Laundry”

Remember Don Henley’s song, Dirty Laundry?  Take a moment to read the lyrics from 1982.

I make my living off the Evening News
Just give me something-something I can use
People love it when you lose,
They love dirty laundry

Well, I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here
I just have to look good, I don’t have to be clear
Come and whisper in my ear
Give us dirty laundry

Kick ’em when they’re up
Kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up
Kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up
Kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up
Kick ’em all around

We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
Comes on at five
She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam
In her eye
It’s interesting when people die-
Give us dirty laundry

Can we film the operation?
Is the head dead yet?
You know, the boys in the newsroom got a
Running bet
Get the widow on the set!
We need dirty laundry

You don’t really need to find out what’s going on
You don’t really want to know just how far it’s gone
Just leave well enough alone
Eat your dirty laundry

Kick ’em when they’re up
Kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re up
Kick ’em when they’re down

Kick ’em when they’re up
Kick ’em when they’re down
Kick ’em when they’re stiff
Kick ’em all around

Dirty little secrets
Dirty little lies
We got our dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie
We love to cut you down to size
We love dirty laundry

We can do “The Innuendo”
We can dance and sing
When it’s said and done we haven’t told you a thing
We all know that Crap is King
Give us dirty laundry!

Dirty Laundry lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Cass County Music / Wisteria Music / Privet Music

In 1982, Don Henley penned the lyrics along with Danny Kortchmar to the song Dirty Laundry.  The song ran up the charts to #1 in October of the same year.  When you take the time to actually listen to the lyrics and not the infectious guitar “hook”, you can clearly hear the sarcasm tagging the media sensationalism of that time.  Of course the song was geared toward the intrusive material of drug use by Hollywood actors of the time.

Yet, when you read the lyrics and look at that press of today, you realize that those who make up the media corps have actually gotten worse.  Today’s “bubble-headed bleach blonde” is now looking for any way to degrade conservative thought for her paycheck.  The guy who “could’ve been an actor” is gunning for whatever he can say or do to sully reputations of people who think differently than they.

30 to 90 years ago, there was the despicable act of “yellow journalism”.  It was the willful act of drawing attention to the front page with loud, emotionally driven headlines that would increase purchases.  The articles were written with mostly emotional, invective language to rile the people.  The guise of “Breaking News” was used to cover for the fact that the reporter had failed to conduct objective, legitimate research about the topic being reported.

Today, we have same actions being taken except that it is now happening on television and the Internet and with much more impunity.  In fact, when the “feeds” are parsed and reviewed, it is clear the actions taken have become outright lying.  The pretense of “providing” information today is more about feeding specific thoughts to the general populace to believe and regurgitate.

How do we know this to be true?  Do your own research.  Take the time to actually research the words, phrases, and “the trash collected by the eyes and dumped into the brain”, to quote the Guns ‘N’ Roses lyrics from Don’t Damn Me.  Instead of just blindly accepting what the media is telling you, critique it, hold it up to the light and determine for yourself if it is legitimate.  The reality is, the Media – ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and just about everyone else with a thought to spin inside your head – are only doing so for the purpose of selling the story to get your money and indoctrinate you.

Do yourself and the larger world a favor:  research, evaluate, think about what you are being told.


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1 Response to The Press Has Become “Dirty Laundry”

  1. Joel Smithers says:

    The best way of discerning if news is legitimate or not is to see if it criticizes President Trump. True news does not criticize President Trump.

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