The Reality of the Virus

Too easily we are led into this situation by fear. We are told to be afraid. Demanded of us are the anxieties of worry, concern, anxiety, fright.

And all too easily we go along with these demands. All too easily we ignore our ability to think logically. Too easily we delve into our emotions instead of thinking rationally.

Why is this? It is because we have been trained, we have been indoctrinated, to be emotional. We have been told that “thinking” is bad, it is somehow “wrong” because it allows us to be free. Indeed, we have been told over the last 50+ years that thinking for ourselves is somehow wrong.

Yet when we consider what we are doing today, we see that so-called teaching is what is wrong. Consider the following realities:

• The American population is now homeschooling its youth.
• The people who believe in the Living God, in Christ, in the Holy Spirit, are freely praying.
• We are spending time with our family.
• We are praying with others who are our family members, our friends, and complete strangers who believe.
• Those who are God-fearing, that is in awe of what God can do for us, are praying for others.
• We are reassuming the responsibility of caring for ourselves and our family.
• Each of us are looking at the world both immediately around us and in the larger scope of life and we are seeing how we can help others.

But most importantly we are being sober minded and alert to the world around us.

We are not afraid. We do not cling to emotion that debilitates. Rather, we are confident. We are confident in our belief in God. We are confident in the skills, the abilities, and the challenges God has given us.

Indeed, the responsibilities we have been given do not come from humans. These responsibilities have been assigned to us as God’s strongest, most well-equipped soldiers.

If anything, this sounds like God is in control. This is NOT a plague. It is not a virus. It is the use of our abilities. It is the application of our lives to the world! It is an awakening!

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