The outpouring of support for Ukraine that has been experienced over these past several days is heartening. This is especially true given the number of Russian Nationals who have protested ardently against the tyrannical actions of “Herr Putin”. Yet, at the same time, I must express the frustration I am experiencing by the hypocrisy of the democrats (read Leftists and American Communists) on this issue.

Without question, it is gratifying to see the number of democrats (read Leftists and American Communists) who realize a strong border is the linchpin to national security. What is frustrating is how many of them ignore or outrightly oppose the need for strong, actively secured American borders.

Likewise, there is the hypocrisy of democrats (read Leftists and American Communists) actively celebrating the civilians within the Ukraine armed with a variety of weapons defending themselves. I wish these same democrats – and by extension the myriad of RINOs – had the same respect for Americans who expect the freedom of the Second Amendment to ensure their own safety. (Of particular note: It was President Trump who sold The Ukraine a volume of such weapons after Obama refused to do so. Blankets were sent instead by Obama.)

Next, it is good to see democrats (read RINOs, Leftists and American Communists) realize the reality of exactly how high energy prices have provided Putin the revenue necessary to fund the invasion. As much as this graduate of a land grant institution recognizes the need for humans to be good stewards of the environment, there is a reality check that highlights exactly how destructive Joe Biden’s moratorium on drilling federal lands and the termination of the Keystone XL pipeline has:
1) harmed our ability to be independent of the rest of the world,
2) increased the prices on the world market that will impact a variety of Third World nations,
3) destabilized the daily operations of economies both within the United States and among the myriad of countries making up the world.

It is gratifying to see the European Union finally recognizes how vital it is that each member lives up to their individual commitment to both the economy and, more importantly, their military defense. At the same time, their “leadership” still struggles to understand that line items define just how important defense is when placed within the larger budget. Only when “leadership” recognizes that spending targets must be attained in order to fulfill needs will there be a strengthening of each country’s national security.

At the end of the day, The Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in 1994 for the specific promise from the United States we would defend their country. In this current incursion/attack, the Joe Biden Government is intentionally letting the Ukrainian People down. This so-called presidency is not living up to our end of the bargain.

Sounds a bit like the interpreters we left in Afghanistan….

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