Time to Hold Up the Mirror to Europe

A connection on Facebook who I have “across the Pond” in Ireland has been championing the European Union for years. The EU is Ireland’s savior in his mind because it is someone or something coming to rescue them from the clutches of England.

I have commented on the fallacy of this thinking several times. In my comments I have tried to point up the foolishness of the Irish Left to support England’s drive toward joining the EU. After all, isn’t freedom what is being sought for Ireland? Then why support enslavement of the country that has enslaved you?

Yet the Left continues this mad dash toward the One Worlder ideation which proclaims that sovereign nations should limit themselves – and by extension one another – to the will of a select group of people whose goal, purpose, and drive is to take care of themselves before anyone else. In essence, this is socialism.

Of course with the win of Macron in France, my contact is practically gleeful as he sees this to be the way to EU dominance. Specifically, he expressed the following:

This is the headline from an English paper the Daily Mail, a
supporter of the far-right Tories. Do I see a hint of
disappointment at Le Pen’s loss? Isn’t it sophisticated
journalism? They were cheerleaders for Brexit. Despair.
“Macron, 39, threatens tough stance on Brexit after crushing
Le Pen to become France’s youngest leader since Napoleon as
he cheers his 66% victory with his 64-year-old wife and
her granddaughter”

It is at this point, I find it easer to present the give and take in the comments…

Me: Careful what you wish for, you’re likely to forge the chains that will enslave you and your progeny.

Him: Not at all likely. We have been freed by the EU from a curse of geography where our economy was dominated by England even in the post-colonial era. And now this country is committing national suicide.

Me: When you give up your sovereignty to a self-interested group of money-lusters like the EU, you have given up your freedom and your life. But you’ll find out the hard way.

Him: Not how we see it. We are otherwise in the thrall of our neighbors now run by a rabid right-wing government.

Me: After 800 years of control by the Brits and you still have not learned the value of sovereignty?

What has happened to Germany, to England, and to France is what happens to any Country that forgets it’s beginnings, its very Culture and sells out its Freedom for a few shekels, Francs, Deutschmarks, Pounds…

Take a good, long, hard look at the destruction that has been wrought throughout Europe during this Third World War. It is this War that has sought to enslave and control the Middle Class under the throes of Media. It has been the humiliation and degradation of all that once made the sovereign dignity of each standing nation proud. Now the Leftists find themselves begging for the few crumbs that drop from the table of the Bilderberg Group. You are hoping for just enough to keep the masses at bay and quell the underlying conflagration you see but do not want to admit to.

The Left remains too arrogant and stubborn to admit their failure as leaders in anything but the forging of the chains that have led to the deaths and enslavement of millions of their own people.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness comes from within, not without.

Him: We have reached the point where we are willing to share sovereignty with our EUROPEAN friends. The option is to live with an English dominated economy and we don’t want that, particularly with the Brexit headbangers in control.

Me: Those who understand Irish history recognize that you are just trading one slave master for another. But like I said previously, you’ll find out the hard way.

Him: It’ [sic] not going to happen but we might prefer a French regime.

Me: It already has. You just don’t want to admit to it.

And you want a 39-year-old who is being led around by a 65-year-old who was assigned to groom him for the will of the EU? Really? Where have the will of the clans gone in Ireland?

Him: Nasty stuff , The comment on Macron’ s wife.

At this point, a friend of mine chimes in:

There is strength in numbers when there is uniformity of interests. The only interests served by a destruction of national sovereignty are the interests of the banking cartels and their favored corporations. The notion that a globalist puppet, himself seeped in the fundamentally flawed and profoundly immoral financial system of which the EU is currently a participant will work in France’s interests is a self-evident absurdity. National sovereignty is a key element in protecting cultural integrity. Not sure how much longer France’s will exist.

Through all of this, no one who espouses the EU wants to face the mirror that shows them the reality of what they have crafted in their collective minds. The very thing they claim to be repulsed by from the Nazis and Communists in WWII is what they are building for themselves today.

Generations came before them – their forbearers – who built the society, the culture, the economy, all that they live off and complain about because they think they can build something better. Yet the only way to do that is to deconstruct everything those who came before them toiled to attain for the current generation. How sad.

So I ask: what are the EU’ers going to leave their progeny other than the slavery to a One World Order that denies everyone their history, culture and all that was built for them?

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