There is a lot of dirt on Mueller that no one appears to actually want to discuss.  So let’s discuss these realities.

The Boston Four

Mueller needs to come clean about his conviction of four innocent men that he sent to prison for 30 years.  His rush to judgment cost the American Taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars in payments to the men and their families. That was after it was discovered Muller withheld exculpatory evidence that would have freed these men. Two of them died while in prison.

What am I talking about can be found in the article by Kevin Cullen in the Boston Globe.  It can also be found as an episode of The Howie Carr Show.

The Bogus Anthrax Investigation

In the weeks and months following the 9/11 attacks on America, letters were sent – supposedly by Muslim terrorists – to assorted individuals with anthrax spores inside the envelopes.  However, upon close review and inspection, it was determined the spores were actually from within the U.S. Government.  That inconvenient reality meant the Progressives and those within the Deep State bent on the destruction of the United States needed to get someone else in to “pursue the narrative” that worked for them.  Who better than the guy who had no morals or ethics when it came to jailing four innocent men?

Never mind that the narrative meant having the Justice Department burn through $6M of American Taxpayer money.

Covering Up the Solyndra Bankruptcy

Do you remember Solyndra?  That was the failed $80B – yes, billion with a B – solar panel startup that never produced a product in the six years it was in existence.  Bluntly, it became nothing more than a money-laundering scheme to filch the American Taxpayers of their hard-earned money.  For what purpose?  Might it possibly have been that lucrative payback to line the pockets of Obama donors?  When you read over what took place and how Obama’s staff aided in securing the $535M loan from the Department of Energy, one has to wonder.

Then there are those other loan guarantees made by the Obama Administration that amounted to nearly $16B supposedly to promote clean energy.

Mueller was the sixth FBI director at that time in 2011.  Yet no action was taken to even review the efforts to shift American Taxpayer money toward specific companies during this time.  Why?

Delivering Uranium to the Russians

When will Muller finally admit to what is already well known about his involvement in the delivery of 20% of America’s highly enriched uranium to the Russians?

While he is at it, when will Robert Mueller admit that he was the one who made certain the cash from that sale went to the Clinton Foundation?

The Answer…

When we think about this, it becomes obvious why Mueller is so intent on investigating President Trump and the constitutional conservatives in the United States today.  It is because it is the only way to continue to hide the darlings of the Left and the Progressives – the Clintons, the Obamas – who actively sought to destroy these United States from within the fetid, corrupt halls of the government.

It is because Robert Mueller refuses to look at himself in the mirror and admit that he is the one doing the dirty work of the Left, the Progressives, the George Soros’ of the world who want to see the destruction of the United States.

Yes, Mueller is nothing more than the McCluskey for the Left-Wing in this Country.  He is the dirty cop – like Comey – and the last person on earth to be investigating anyone.

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