Overcoming Feelings

This is for each person who is fighting with the emotions of fear, anxiety, nervousness and depression. Let’s be blunt. You will not be able to think these emotions away. When you attempt to do that, all you are doing is adding momentum to those feelings. You are giving attention to them by focusing your mind upon them. Such awareness of the emotion only powers them through those thoughts.

That overthinking serves only to cause you and your mind to remain on the same wavelength as those feelings. You are only causing your mind to rethink those same emotions. In doing this you are circling the same eddy of emotions. You are not confronting them, addressing the emotions with rational thoughts, or resolving them with meaningful solutions.

To confront, address, and resolve these emotions, begin by acknowledging them as the thoughts they are first. Continue by seeing each one for what it is: a feeling cognated within your mind. This is a reminder to relax and approach the feeling, the emotion, from a higher perspective of disciplined thought.

Do not be caught up in the feeling. Rather:
* believe in your ability to confront the situation by rationally evaluating the situation causing the emotion,
* trust in your own ability to research the systemic basis or root of the situation that all allow you to develop a lucid, cogent plan to address the issue, and
* act with confidence to resolve the situation through your own abilities and, if necessary, the help of others.

Most importantly, separate within your mind the feelings you experience and the confidence you have in your knowledge, the ability to gain knowledge, and your abilities to utilize that knowledge to succeed!

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