Those who know me are well aware of my thoughts, ideas, and the beliefs I hold. There are many who have asked me, “What party do you belong to?” under the mistaken idea that somehow a political explains me, myself, and I. There are others who ask me, “What denomination do you belong to?” Again, the mistake is to think that one word will describe everything. It does not.

Yet there are a few words I use together that are quite definitive to define me, describe myself, and explain who I am. Those words are simply

I am a traditional, pro-life, fiscal and social Constitutional Republican.

But all of this means little unless you see the growth and development of my ideas on the political issues of the time. Thus, this page is to catalog my thoughts from when I began posting as far back as 1991 on my Eden account at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. It is to provide the chronology of politically-focused posts from the currently over 250 posts I have cataloged here on WordPress. These are in chronological order with the most recent first. But I encourage you to take the advice of the lyrics from Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music:

Let’s start at the very beginning
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The Democrat Party of 2016

“Pride of Ownership” vs. “Public Housing”

Liberalism Contorted

Americans Who Do Not Care…

What “the Establishment” is Truly Becoming Aware Of

Dr. Ben Carson

Thoughts on Pope Francis and Donald Trump



Hatin’ On The Trumpeters

Democrat vs. democratic

People and Guns

Do not pontificate…

Muslims must understand…

That “National Discussion” About Race

When will we look in the mirror to see the problem?

The Sermon of Fr. Peter Mitchell, 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2015

Legislating the Acceptance of Sodomite Behavior

Cha-cha- Changes…


The Historical Truth of the Mohammedans

Acting Upon Extremists

How To Succeed as a Democrat

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Full Speech to a Joint Session of the United States Congress

A President’s Day Reflection From The Mind Of H.L. Mencken



Six Conundrums in 2014

Justice, the police, the pols, and American Voters

John Boehner is a Disgrace To The Office He Holds

The Reality of “Legacy”

The National Anthem of the United States

Facts… Figures… Reality.



Controlling Peoples’ Thoughts

Here We Go Again…

The End Of The World As We Know It

The Vagaries of Discussing Topics With Leftists

What is Really at Stake…

Thoughts on the 2nd Amendment

Stop Repeating Constitutional Myth



Conservative Dad, Liberal Daughter

Tyranny of the Minority

The Decline of Western Civilization

Thoughts on the Actions of Gov. Christie in re: Rutgers-Camden

The RINO Issue



Time For Some Reality

The Meltdown of the Economy



Congressional Reform Act of 2010



BO Exercises His Right To Be Stupid

A Simple Question

An Open Letter to the Republican Party of New Jersey



Talk about a hiatus. Although I have much content that I maintained in paper form, I did stop posting on my private website for nearly a decade. With the implosion of the economy and the loss of my job thanks to the actions of a certain person who will forever be remembered for his actions, I took time to reevaluate my own life and recognized the reality of what I must do as a person. Thus I restarted posting my thoughts and ideas here on a WordPress-based site. So here we go!

Expanding Economic Opportunity

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness



New Ideas and Delusions





The Moment of Judgment

The Problem With Bill



Thoughts on America’s Foreign Policy of the 1990’s

An Open Letter to the Honorable Frank Pallone

The “Liberal” Media

The Giving of “The Good Life”

Some Thoughts on Arguments Against Capital Punishment

Some Thoughts on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

The Concept of Equality

On the Downfall of the Communications Decency Act

Oliver Wiswell: A Thought For Today



Religion and Politics

The Dollar As An International Reserve Currency

Class Warfare and Its Instigation

A Point About “Liberals”

Immigration and Migration

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