Thoughts on Rutgers

Every now and again, there are situations, issues, ideas, etc. that I find the need to comment on in relation to my alma mater, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Some – who am I kidding, most – of these are in relation to Athletics, the growth, the development, the foulups in decision-making, the hopes, dreams and aspirations, for all of the teams. But there are times where topics arise in the management of the University as well as the overall academic and research components for which I need to comment.

My thoughts on all of these issues will be catalogued here with links to the individual posts that I make to my blog. Feel free to peruse as you wish. Posts will be linked to in chronological order with the most recent being first.

How many NCAA Football Teams You Have Seen Rutgers Play?

One-Time Increase in Expenditures

The train from NYC is going to prove very B1G in the near future

Rutgers on Twitter

Mr. Tim Pernetti’s “Letter of Resignation”

I Stand With Tim Pernetti

Only RutgersAl could come up with this…

Reunion 2013 at Rutgers

Happy Birthday Coach Flood!

bit more than 24 hours later…

Rutgers’ Alma Mater 139 Years Young

All-Time Games Played

Rutgers Foundation: Problems and Solutions

Some fans…

Thoughts on the Academic Impacts of Big Ten Expansion

Rutgers to the B1G

A History of Frank Burns, Rutgers Alum and Past Head Football Coach

RIP George Reginald “Reg” Bishop, Jr.

Thoughts on the actions of Gov. Christie in re: Rutgers-Camden

Rutgers Football Trivia Question: Three Year Ago Today…..

Thoughts on Greg Schiano Leaving RFootball

The Answer to the Question About “The Barn”

The College Avenue Gym (aka “The Barn”) turns 80

Harvey John Harman, Head Coach, Rutgers Football

Pinstripe Bowl Events?

The Pinstripe Bowl 2011 – Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs. Iowa State Cyclones

RIP Rolf Rudestam (CalRU66)

November 6, 1869 – The First Intercollegiate Football Game

Streptomycin Is First Isolated (October 19, 1943)

Rutgers Strong Defense: What ‘s Old Is New Again! This day in 1974…

Rutgers Football History – 138 Years Ago Today in New York

Rutgers Football – 64 Years Ago Today – September 27, 1947

The Realities of Conference Realignment

Support for Rutgers, The State Univeristy of New Jersey

The Necrology of Rutgers Graduates and Family Members Who Died on September 11, 2001

August 31, 1991 – A Date in Big East Football History

How is the money spent at Rutgers University

A Perfect Season for Rutgers Football, 1961

Rutgersfest is dead. Long live Rutgersfest.

RU Trivia, circa 1970’s, 31-55

RU Trivia, circa 1970’s – the 1st 30

For all Recruits to College Sports: READ THIS

Useful information for mature tailgating

Something of interest for Rutgers Athletics Fans

Welcome to Rutgers University and YOUR Scarlet Knights Class of 2009!

SIGNING DAY!!!! It’s Signing Day!

Happy Birthday to me and to WRSU

The Day Abe Saw Rutgers – The Lincoln Inaugural Train Ride


Interesting History About Rutgers Football



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